Peykasa messageware group, developer of telecommunication softwares, was founded in Q4 2000 upon the idea of developing a SMS center in the computer department of Sharif university of technology. This project started while there were no practical experiences in this field in Iran, there were just some ideas on this issue and the mobile telecommunication corporation was to make a bid on buying the needed equipments for offering SMS to 1000000 subscribers.
This project started in a research laboratory named as ‘telecommunication software group’ under supervision of one of the Sharif university‚Äôs professors. After a 18-month effort of some expert students and graduates of Sharif University of Technology, and some periodic quality controls, based on recent system software development technologies, the project got ready to be tested in a real environment (GSM network). In August 2003, the first test was done in a real network, using Iran’s telecommunication network switches successfully. This way, the first SMS between two mobile phones was sent in Iran.
Now PeykAsa group continues its industrial/research activities, with an independent brand identity, named as Peykasa messageware company, a sole developer of such products, using its human resource’s competencies, who are expert at software and telecommunications.